Cannon Womens Linen Shoes Sand


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The Cannon Linen Shoe:
A Classic for Work, Travel, and Everything in Between

100% vegan, ultra-light and comfortable

With nature being so important to us, we wanted to start incorporating natural fibers into the collection. Since linen is one of the most eco-friendly fibers available, it was an easy decision to create the Cannons with this sustainable material. Mixed with organic cotton as well, you’ll be wearing pairs that are at the top of eco-design with a fresh and modern look. And of course, we still maintain SAOLA’s signature lightness and comfort to ensure you’ll love wearing them.

Sustainable Impact

  • By utilising BloomFoam technology, each pair of shoes returns 41 litres of clean water to fresh water habitats and cleans 27 m3 of air.

Made from recycled and bio-based materials

Upper: The durable, breathable canvas material is 80% recycled PET and 20% PU.
Insole: 100% natural cork, algae from BloomFoam, and EVA make a perfect sustainable combo for maximum comfort. Removable.
Outsole: Natural algae and EVA bring lightness & cushioning, while rubber reinforcements ensure maximum durability.
Laces: 100% Organic Cotton

Machine Wash: remove inner sole, machine wash on cold, tumble dry low or air dry

Manufactured in a top-quality factory in Hanoi, Vietnam.
BSCI certification in progress!

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